Music Video Director Nilladriz Pivots Industries With the Successful Launch of Oeuvre Media, Alongside Co-Founder Bobby Bialkowski

MADISON, WI / ACCESSWIRE / MARCH 30, 2020 / While most photographers and videographers find comfort working freelance, conducting photo and video shoots Nilladriz has always had something different in mind. “It was always my goal to build my personal brand first, then recreate the success with other brands and businesses.” he states. Before Nilladriz ever launched Oeuvre Media, his journey began working at a pizzeria making minimum wage to save up for his first camera.

Once he got his camera he began working for free in hopes of networking and building a foundation in video production. In less than a year he went from a high school senior taking pictures and shooting videos for practice to working with platinum recording musicians like Fetty Wap, Reggie Mills, and Famous Dex directing music videos, filming lifestyle vlogs, as-well as in charge of creating content for their social media outlets. “It became more than just camera work, I learned how to represent and market these artists, whose names are essentially worth millions of dollars.” Similar to how a business would advertise themselves through traditional means like: Billboards, news paper ads, and Television commercials. Nilladriz would do so through social media, through his agency Oeuvre Media. Oeuvre Media is a full service social media marketing agency working with businesses to increase their online presence while advertising what they have to offer via the most prominent social platforms like: Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat and Twitter. “Why would you dump all this money into one traditional television commercial that no one is paying attention to when you can target a specific demographic for a fraction of the cost via social media ads,” says Nilla.

With people migrating their attention away from their television sets and onto their phones it makes sense as to why most businesses are restructuring their marketing strategies. He teamed up with his longtime friend Bobby Bialkowski to start Oeuvre Media. The company’s clientele includes e-commerce businesses, professional athletes, restaurants, musicians and universities. Partnering with Oeuvre Media is a means of expanding your brand through industry level visuals with the most up to date, targeted advertising and distribution methods. “Whether you’re an aspiring rapper trying to grow an organic fan base or a private catholic school trying to increase enrollment, my company can generate a stream of revenue you never knew was there.” states Nilladriz.

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